Denso is ready to exhibit an exciting slate of new mobility technologies at the upcoming 45th Annual Tokyo Motor Show.

A key automotive supplier of Detroit and Japanese automakers, the presentation will take place at a press conference on Thursday, Oct. 26, led by speaker Koji Arima, president, and CEO of Denso.

This event will offer three experiences, including a virtual reality demonstration called  “Future Tech Lab – Three Secrets of Future Vehicles”  and a mock-up car presentation of Denso’s latest products. The third, Tokyo Connected Lab 2017, is a series of exhibits with a connected mobility theme. A wireless and mobile virtual reality system will be used for the Future Tech Lab session, with the company providing a conceptual image of the experience.

All of the planned exhibits are emblematic of Denso’s core competencies and focus on three of its branded areas: “Denso Automated Driving,” “Denso Efficient Driving,” and “Denso Connected Driving.”

The Tokyo Motor Show takes place from Oct. 27 to Nov. 5 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.