Telsa is launching a fleet of mobile service cars in the U.K., based on a highly customized Model S.

The mobile repair service is set up to maintain, repair, service, and even upgrade the electric automaker’s vehicles as well as provide roadside assistance. The service will come to the home or office of the customer to help them avoid the Tesla store service center and add convenience for buyers.

The mobile service fleet is starting with two specially modified Model S cars, but the company is planning to grow its fleet to 20 vehicles. 10 modified Model S cars and 10 conventional gas or diesel-engined vans. The fleet will let the company service all U.K. Tesla owners, both in and out of warranty.

The specially modified Model S fleet will get a full suite of tools to help repair technicians service the cars and keep customers comfy. The rear seats are removed¬†and replaced with a full set of tools on sliding racks. The racks are cleverly designed taking input from technicians and service staff, and the unit bolts directly to the existing seat mounting points. The set includes a compressor for tires and air tools and a power-tool charger, the front has more tool storage and a reinforced floor to help it support heavy items. There’s even a coffee machine in the back, although shouldn’t that be a teapot for the U.K.?

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The vans are needed because not every item will fit under the hatch of the Model S. Big parts like tires and tools like tire mounting equipment just take up too much space. For now, the fleet will be limited to more simple repairs, but the idea is to eventually replace much of the dealer service center, adding convenience for customers.

It’s part of a plan Tesla announced last year to add 100 new service centers, 350 mobile units, and 1,400 trained technicians to the automaker’s worldwide service fleet.

The goal is to triple service capacity across the globe to meet the demands of increased sales after reports of owners who were growing unhappy with what they felt were long delays and wait times for service and repairs.

Tesla also offers remote diagnostics to help customers and service staff alike to better diagnose the cars before service techs even arrive. Time and expense are saved when the mobile service can bring the right part to you, the first time.