Cruise Automation is now testing a self-driving Chevy Bolt in Scottsdale, Ariz., according to a social media post.

The company revealed a photo yesterday of a test model Bolt with a LiDAR unit mounted on top, parked in a Scottsdale lot. The Twitter posting said that “We’re testing @Cruise autonomous tech on @Chevrolet Bolt EVs on roads in Scottsdale, AZ, in addition to San Fran.”

Cruise Automation has been testing autonomous Bolt electric cars in San Francisco since at least May, according to Autoblog spy shots. The publication reports that the autonomous vehicle testing in San Francisco and Scottsdale are being conducted by GM Cruise LLC.

Purchased by General Motors in March, Cruise Automation has been established as a new business unit for the automaker called GM Cruise LLC. It describes itself as “a driverless car company” on its LinkedIn page.

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The reasons behind GM Cruise testing these self-driving Bolts haven’t been revealed. It may be tied into GM’s $500 million investment in Lyft in January of this year.

At that time, a GM executive shed some light on the subject. Pam Fletcher, executive chief engineer of autonomous tech, said that GM offering its first autonomous electric car through its Lyft alliance, which will be coming together sooner than you might think.

“We have not made that announcement yet, but what I would say is this is all coming much faster than people anticipate, so I’ll say that much. We have been transparent about that,” she said. “We are working on an on-demand ride-sharing network with Lyft, it’s not something we are thinking about, it’s something we are very much readying for consumer use.”