Tesla has scored a win in Canada after a court ruled in the electric automaker’s favor.

CBC reported Monday that Tesla’s case against the Ontario province of Canada went the automaker’s way after Justice Frederick L Myers declared, “the [Government of Ontario’s] asserted rationale for limiting the transition program to franchised dealerships is laden with factual assumptions that were susceptible to being proved or disproved with evidence.”

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Tesla sued Ontario after it announced it would phase out its electric-car tax credits totaling up to $14,000, or around $10,400 USD. The qualm came after the government announced it would still honor rebates through September 10 for buyers who purchased an electric car through a dealership. The company notoriously operates its own stores and does not franchise sales to dealerships. The automaker argued the decision “unjustly targeted” Tesla and its customers.

While it’s a small win for Tesla in Canada, it has larger issues looming back home. The automaker became the first to reach the United States’ cap on federal tax credits worth $7,500 per car this past summer. Now, Tesla’s credits will enter a phaseout period and the tax credit will halve itself until the funds run dry in 2019.

[Source: CBC]