One enterprising enthusiast has taken a picture of the Toyota FT-1 Concept and used it to make a mock-up of what the next Tesla roadster could look like.

In a strange way, this could make sense – Toyota once held a stake in Tesla and the two companies have partnered before on EV development. Tesla also now owns a former Toyota factory.

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Plus, Tesla partnered with Lotus on the first Roadster, and Toyota has provided internal-combustion engines to Lotus in recent years.

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Then again, this may all be a stretch. After all, we’re just working with one unofficial rendering based on a Toyota concept that may have nothing to do with Tesla (and Toyota has quietly shed its stake in Tesla to focus on its own EV development, so the two may be a bit more distant these days).

What we can say is the rendering looks cool, thanks in part to the FT-1’s already good looks. We’ll see what happens with an actual production version, but we’d expect it to be quick, especially with the Lucid Air setting a high speed in testing recently.