The Chevy Bolt beat the Tesla Model S 75D and its own U.S Environmental Protection Agency rating in driving range.

Consumer Reports took a Chevy Bolt and a Tesla Model S out on the highway for test drives. The Bolt won with 250 miles of range versus 235 miles for the Model S 75D; and it takes kudos for offering the longest-range EV ever tested by the magazine’s research staff.

The Bolt went 12 miles further than the 238 miles range rating by EPA.

Drivers took the all-electric cars down roads around 65 mph, with some mixed driving tactics included. The air conditioning and heater were turned off on both, as they do use some of the battery power. The publication reminded readers that flipping the a/c and heater on, hitting hard acceleration, and driving in extreme cold weather, will take away some of the per-charge driving range.

Overall, the Bolt finished No. 2 in ratings, behind the top-rated Model S. Range, agility, and a quiet drive for passengers gave it points; an “overly squishy brake-pedal feel,” the amount of time it takes to charge the car, a choppy ride, and seats that could be more comfortable, brought the overall score down to second place.

The research team also liked that fact that the Bolt only costs about half as much as the Model S. Buying the Bolt Premier package with $875 destination fee ended up costing $43,155. The Model S 75D, which costs more than the Model S 60D starter, came in at $85,670 with destination and documentation fees.

Both electric cars are eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

You can also buy a Model S or Model X 100D for over $100,000, but the CR team hasn’t performed tests on those models yet.

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They had been disappointed to find that the tested Model S and Model X fell short of the EPA range ratings. Their 2016 Model S 75D did 235 miles on a charge versus the 259-mile EPA estimate; and the 2016 Model X 90D went 230 miles after being charged, compared to the 257-mile EPA range estimate.

EPA and CR will later conduct road tests on the new Tesla Model 3. During the Tesla launch gala last week, the company announced that the base $35,000 model will get 220 miles of range and the $9,000 upgrade package will be able to go 310 miles per charge.

Consumer Reports