It’s so far so good for the 2016 Volt under the watchful eye of Consumer Reports.

As an initial first-drive review of a borrowed car prior to purchasing its own, the publication says the Volt has gotten around 48 miles of all-electric range, less than the 53 miles combined the EPA rating promises. Under gas power, the car averaged 36 mpg, also down from the EPA’s 42 combined rating.

Comfort is improved says CR, the drive seems quieter than the 2011-2015 model, and the Volt feels much like a hybrid – which it is – when the electric propulsion switches over to gasoline.

Handling is better, though it’s not a sports car, nor is it “as agile” as the BMW i3 or Ford Focus Electric, says the publication.

Outward visibility is improved a bit too, but Consumer Reports says the rear seat with fifth passenger position in the middle is largely “symbolic” with cup-holders eating up “precious” legroom.

In 2011 and 2012 the Volt topped the publication’s owner satisfaction ratings despite Consumer Reports initially offering greater criticism for the extended-range EV.

The new car, as most other reviews say, is improved in key ways. Consumer Reports has been an influential voice in consumer buying decisions.