Consumer Reports released results from its annual car reliability survey, and the 2010 Honda Insight scored the highest of any vehicle in predicted reliability. Hybrids dominated the list for reliability—with five of the eight most reliable family cars: Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, and Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Among all automakers, Honda was at the top, with every Honda and Acura vehicle surveyed having average or better-than-average predicted reliability. Toyota and Lexus models were right behind, with 98 percent of the models surveyed having average-or-better predicted reliability. Ford secured its position as the only Detroit automaker with world-class reliability.

There were no hybrids on the magazine’s least reliable vehicle lists.

Powerful Combo: Reliability and Efficiency

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency’s released its fuel economy rankings, in which 9 of the top 10 vehicles for the 2010 model year are hybrid gas-electric vehicles. The Toyota Prius was the leader with fuel economy of 51 miles per gallon in the city and 48 mpg on the highway. Other vehicles in the top 10 include the Ford Fusion Hybrid and its Mercury Milan twin, the Insight and Civic Hybrid from Honda, and the Nissan Altima.

When the EPA and CR rankings are read together, hybrid gas-electric cars establish a dominant status as both the most fuel-efficient and most reliable segment of automobiles.

The annual Consumer Reports reliability ratings are based on a survey covering 1.4 million vehicles leased or owned by subscribers of Consumer Reports. The consumer organization only recommends models that perform well in tests conducted at its 327-acre Auto Test Center. In addition, vehicles must perform well in government or insurance-industry crash and rollover tests in order to be “Recommended.”

The full results of the reliability survey will be published in the December issue of the magazine, which goes on sale Nov. 3.