2014 Mazda5 after the IIHS small front overlap crash test

2014 Mazda5 after the IIHS small front overlap crash test

Well, that didn’t take long.

Mere hours after the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released the results of its latest round of crash testing, it looks like Consumer Reports (CR) is piling on the bad news.

Both the Mazda5 and — perhaps more relevant to us — the Nissan Leaf scored poorly during the IIHS small overlap front tests, and have subsequently lost their recommended rating from CR in the process. The other two cars to flunk the test, the Fiat 500L and Nissan Juke, aren’t recommended by CR anyway.

“Our long-standing criteria for recommending vehicles stipulates that a model score well in our testing, have average or better reliability, and perform adequately if included in crash tests performed by the government, and/or the [IIHS],” said CR.

“The Mazda5 is an affordable, versatile vehicle that we have enjoyed and endorsed, but this test raises serious concerns. This marks the only Mazda as the only 2014 model that IIHS has tested to earn anything less than Acceptable.”

CR also noted the Nissan Leaf’s 16 inches of intrusion into the lower passenger compartment as one of the major reasons it was dropping the recommended rating.

Consumer Reports