It did not take long, and now Consumer Reports has posted a video review of the Tesla Model S and BMW i8.

While we were more discrete when we loosely compared the Model S to a Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, calling it “apple and orange,” CR flat out says the i8 and Model S comparo is “kind of stupid.”

Why? The 4,650-pound Model S is a luxury performance sedan, and the 3,300-pound i8 two-door is aiming at more-focused sports cars.

And, we’d add, one’s a hybrid, and the other’s an EV.

But, people are drawn to the two very different plug-in cars that each cater to a different kind of buyer despite them being in fundamental ways, worlds apart.

The all-wheel-drive BMW is a plug-in hybrid using a rear-mounted turbo 3-cylinder like the new Mini Cooper gets albeit more boosted and augmented by a 129 horsepower electric motor up front. CR also figures most fun is in sport mode with engine running.

Tesla’s rear-wheel-drive creation is of course all electric, with either a 60 or 85-kilowatt-hour battery and sold in three basic highly optionable configurations.

Price-wise the Model S is a lot less than the i8, with versions ranging from $71,070, $81,070, and the P85+ starts at $95,740. If you absolutely check all the optons, you might get the Tesla to within $3,000 of the BMW’s starting price of around $136,000.

So far, the Model S is selling circles around luxury cars with gas engines, and as CR observes, the i8 has yet to prove itself. The car went on sale in the U.S. last month and BMW has said it does not aim to compete overly much in the sales charts against Model S.

CR’s Tesla is an 85-kwh model.