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Honda Accord Hybrid
Honda Accord HybridThe fifth hybrid to hit the U.S. market, the Accord Hybrid is the fastest family sedan available today. That’s right—hybrids can go fast, and sip gas.
Honda Civic Hybrid
Photo of Honda Civic Hybrid With fuel efficiency above 50 mpg, a full-hybrid system, and a sleek new design—and a price thousands below the Prius—the 2006 Civic Honda might finally give Toyota a run for its money.
Honda Insight
Photo of Honda InsightThis two-seater hatchback, released in 1999 as the first hybrid in the U.S., is the leader of the pack in terms of gas mileage.
Toyota Prius
Photo of Toyota Prius The Toyota Prius has become nearly synonymous with “hybrid car,” and epitomizes the best that hybrid technology has to offer. Infamous waiting lists are beginning to dwindle.

Toyota Camry
America’s top-selling passenger vehicle is now available with a hybrid drive—expected in mid-year. Some dealers are now forming waiting lists.
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Coming Soon

Chevrolet Malibu – Expected in 2007
Chevrolet Malibu HybridThe hybridized Malibu sedan is targeted for a 12 – 15% increase in fuel economy (mostly coming from idle-stop) and will focus its hybrid benefits on extra power and sportier handling.

Nissan Altima – Expected in 2006
Photo of Nissan Altima Nissan will use technology bought from Toyota for the hybrid Altima. Expect the same performance as the popular Altima, with some very modest gains in fuel economy.
Lexus GS 450h – Expected in 2006
Lexus is planning to position the hybrid version of all Lexus models as the premium vehicle in the lineup. The luxury GS 450h offers V8 performance with the fuel economy of a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder compact.

In the Works

Ford Five-Hundred, Ford Fusion, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Lexus LS460, and Mercury Milan