Certain EVs are sold only in certain states, but if you live near Boulder, Colo. and have a hankering for an EV that’s not sold in that state and also have no desire to move, you might just be in luck.

Used-car dealer Green Eyed Motors has done what used-car dealers have done for ages: Looked for vehicles from other regions that might be in higher demand locally. There’s a twist, though – the dealer is seeking out electric cars that were only available in California or other states when new. These cars are then sold locally.

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Since these vehicles hadn’t been previously registered in Colorado, they can qualify for the state’s income-tax credit, which is available on used vehicles. The credit is worth up to $6,000, depending on battery capacity and purchase price.

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According to Green Car Reports, Green Eyed Motors is advertising that all its EVs come from outside of Colorado, so that buyers know they’ll qualify for the rebate.

Green Car Reports also says that it doesn’t appear the dealer is charging extra because the cars were initially not sold in Colorado.

The dealer has a selection of EVs available, including a Kia Soul EV, a Chevrolet Spark EV, and a Fiat 500e. Not all of Green Eyed Motors’ sales are of EVs, though, there are plenty of vehicles listed that have internal-combustion engines.

Green Car Reports