The Co-wheels car club chose Toyota hybrids and city cars to fill its needs of 80 new vehicles for its fleet.

The business operates on-street car sharing and rental in more than 40 UK locations and provides fleet management services for numerous organizations.

The company evaluates it is now time to invest in more vehicles to answer its needs, which it chose to fill with 80 new Toyota models, a mixture of new Aygo, Yaris Hybrid and the Prius Plug-in hybrid.

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“Our members are attracted by the environmental benefits that can be achieved by using hybrid and low-emissions vehicles, and we see Toyota as the leading provider of these vehicles,” said Richard Falconer, Co-wheels Director. “The success we have witnessed to date gives us reason to think that our relationship with Toyota is set become stronger in the future.”

The new vehicles, acquired on a two-to-three-year renewal cycle, are equipped with a telematics system designed to create a fully connected, shared resource, explained the company. Club members can book cars any time of the day or night and access their vehicle with a simple swipe of their personal smartcard. This gives keyless entry and is said to enable the club to keep constantly updated on driver identification, trip data and vehicle status, via a cellular network.