Current Zenn vehicle owners will be hard pressed to find parts, starting this July.

Zenn Motor Company Inc. announced today that it will close its service operations and cease to provide parts and service support currently offered for Zenn LSVs (low-speed vehicle), effective June 30, 2013.

The closure of the service department is part of the Company’s decision in March 2010, to cease production of Zenn LSVs.

The Zenn is a low-speed vehicle that was manufactured from 2006-2010 (Model Years 2007-2010) by a Canadian company.

This neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) had a range of up to 35 miles and recharged using a standard 120 volt electric outlet in about four hours.

Many consider LSVs like the Zenn as an evolutionary step between the golf cart and electric cars offered today, like Nissan’s Leaf.

The following is a video shot by TV show the Rick Mercer Report that originally aired November 20, 2007 in which the host discovers the Zenn electric car.