Eyes are on the yet-not-bankrupt, but essentially dead-in-the water remainder of Fisker Automotive which is due to have its assets auctioned off this Friday.

The U.S. Energy Department intends to control the sale as it is owed $168 million by Fisker, and perhaps the prospect of money partially repaying taxpayers was enough to justify the federal agency’s action for an otherwise shut-down government.

Fisker also holds intellectual property including for the Atlantic plug-in series hybrid and real property in Delaware – the former GM plant on Boxwood Road in Wilmington.

The Anaheim, Calif.-based Fisker also owes local Delaware authorities $1 million in back taxes.

Among previous parties expressing interest to buy Fisker are Bob Lutz, Wanxiang and B456. It’s presumed an offer by German investors Ingo Voigt and Fritz Nol was rejected by the DoE given the auction this week.

If you were interested in buying Fisker, you missed your chance. The deadline was Monday.

DetroitBureau, Delaware Online via Autoblog