Electric Vehicles charging company ClipperCreek announced yesterday the release of its workplace charging solutions.

“Employers have been wrestling with the best way to offer workplace charging,” said David Packard, President of ClipperCreek, “and it doesn’t really have to be that expensive or complicated.”

ClipperCreek’s worplace charging stations offerings include:

  • The ACS-15, a fixed 120V charging station that will increase a plug-in vehicle commuter’s range by up to 30 miles; the company said that in a typical workday, the employee’s car will stay plugged in all day, mitigating the need for additional time out of their work day to shuffle cars in and out of limited charge station equipped spaces. The ACS-15 MSRP is $595.
  • The LCS-25, a fixed 240V charging station that, according to the company, will provide the plug-in vehicle commuter with up to an additional 100 miles of range in a typical workday. The LCS-25 MSRP is also $595.

ClipperCreek said it also has a full line of charge stations designed to integrate with building energy management system, along with the highest power 240V charging stations available which can charge higher charge rate vehicles such as the Tesla Model S and Toyota Rav4.

If the business where the station is installed needs to control access or recoup revenue for the energy used, ClipperCreek’s CS line can be controlled by the company’s Liberty Plug-In access control systems.

Interestingly, ClipperCreek has an employee Plug-In Vehicle incentive program and currently boasts that 75 percent of its associates drive plug-in vehicles.