ClipperCreek, Inc. announced this week the launch of its ETL listed utility smart grid connected charging station, the CS-40-SG2.

According to the company, the CS-40-SG2 is a game changer in the charging station sub-metering industry as it includes an embedded revenue grade sub-meter and a variety of smart grid communications options.

Based on the ClipperCreek CS-Series charging platform and merged with the utility meter and adding communications technology from Itron, ClipperCreek said this solution will extend a utility’s energy management intelligence directly to the charging station through multiple wireless communication interfaces.

The CS-40-SG2 charging station is a result of the joint efforts of ClipperCreek and Itron. Combining Itron’s advanced metrology and flexible smart grid communications with ClipperCreek’s tough and trusted charging stations has resulted in a product utility customers can count on, said ClipperCreek. Utilities will now have full visibility and control of electric vehicle charging directly through their smart grid. These units are being deployed in various pilot projects starting this month.

“As electric vehicle charging increases power use across the country, utilities will need a solution that allows them to monitor and control the timing without inconveniencing the customer,” states Jason France, ClipperCreek’s President, “The CS-40-SG2 enables critical functions needed to directly regulate electric vehicle charging cost effectively.”

Per ClipperCreek , here are the key Features of the Itron enabled CS-40-SG2:

1. ZigBee Smart Energy Protocol 1.1 Demand Response/Load Control capabilities.

2. Itron revenue-grade embedded sub-meter for precise power measurement.

3. Meter data recording, including interval data, registers, and tampers.

4. Wi-Fi local access communications provides charging status, metering data, and Utility DR program information to nearby browser-enabled mobile devices.

5. Wi-Fi or cellular as WAN communications for backhauling charging station and metering data including ESPI Green Button data.