The city of Fremont, Calif., home to Tesla Motors’ factory plant, is adding more charging stations to accommodate its growing number of electric vehicle drivers.

Two new dual-port DC fast charger stations and six Level 2 dual-port charging stations have been installed in Fremont. The fast chargers came through a collaboration between the City of Fremont, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Prologis, Inc., Gridscape Solutions, and Delta Products Corporation. The Level 2 dual-port charging stations have been installed within Bayside Business Park.

Fremont is home to a large number of electric vehicle owners – 3,702 as of January 2016, according to the city’s website. With 14 percent of Alameda County’s overall population, Fremont residents own 32 percent of all of the electric vehicles that have been purchased within the County. Fremont’s 94539 zip code is home to more EV drivers than any other zip code in California. It’s also been the largest ZIP code for electric vehicle owners receiving state rebates, Fremont’s press release says.

The city considers itself “ground zero for EV in the U.S., and “home to celebrity-status electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors,” according to its press release. “With Tesla delivering more than 50,000 vehicles in 2015, the City is continuing to invest in an electric-powered future.”

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The EV charger installation project, funded by a California Energy Commission grant, is part of a larger effort to build a citywide infrastructure of public EV charging stations that can accommodate Fremont’s growing number of EV drivers. With this latest installation, electric vehicle owners now have access to 26 different DC Fast Charging ports and 56 Level 2 charging ports within Fremont.

“We’re interested and active in economic development within our city, and we’re committed to achieving this in a responsible and sustainable way. The addition of these charging stations is critical to our progress and success in this goal,” said Cindy Bonior, president and CEO of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

The new charging stations utilize open payment processing kiosks. The Level 2 chargers are able to recharge a vehicle in two to three hours. The DC Quick Chargers, supplied by Delta Products Corporation, are able to fully recharge in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. The fast chargers are equipped with both SAE Combo and CHAdeMO ports.

City of Fremont