Lightning Systems, the city of Boulder, Colo. and non-profit transit operator Via Mobility Services are working to replace the city’s aging diesel bus fleet with all-electric vehicles.

Specifications include a 2-speed transmission and 257 kWh battery pack contributing to 200 miles of range. According to Lightning Systems, converting diesel to electric costs a third of the price of new buses. The first vehicle is expected to be replaced by the summer, with additional bus conversions after that.

No word on the number of buses Lightning Systems plans to replace nor the success criteria for its first deployment.

“People in Boulder are very interested in reducing the carbon footprint in all that we do,” said Frank Bruno, CEO of Via Mobility Services, in a statement. “Boulder is built on a strong value system for recycling, so why not recycle our buses? Recycle them and make buses out of buses. That’s the motivation we’ve had for doing this. We hope that, upon approval, this partnership with Lightning Systems will blow the market open for repowering old buses around the country, reduce emissions in local environments, and stabilize costs for the future.”

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Other projects by Boulder and Via will include investments in charging infrastructure along the proposed route, including an on-site battery storage facility.

Lightning Systems is an automotive research firm specializing in environment talk solutions for vehicles, developers of the Lightning Electric Ford Transit van, a hybrid hydraulic system, and an analytics tool to monitor vehicle health. Via Mobility is a transportation provider that manages Boulder’s HOP bus service.