French automaker PSA’s Citroen division just launched the E-Berlingo, an electric version of its multi-functional Berlingo minivan.

Citroen wants to tap into the appeal and functionality of its 20-year-old plus Berlingo with the benefits of electrification. In the past, the Berlingo has served as a leisure activity vehicle for owners, and its modular design has made it appealing for work, says the automaker.

Its drivetrain technology was introduced in 2013 in an electric Berlingo light commercial vehicle. That electric vehicle was used by a number of European fleets, providing the automaker with findings that could be transferred over to the E-Berlingo Multispace.

The new E-Berlingo Multispace’s electric motor and battery can take the minivan 170 kilometers (106 miles) with easy charging access, and the efficiency and driving pleasure of an electric vehicle.

The driving range was conducted using European NEDC standards, and range will be fewer miles under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s methodology. The company says it was crafted from data on most Europeans driving less than 100 km (62 miles) a day.

The E-Berlingo is powered by a compact permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor developing 49 kW (67 brake horsepower). It uses lithium-ion battery packs with a capacity of 22.5 kWh. The batteries are located in the subframe, lowering the car’s center of gravity and bringing more stability to this type of body style. It also keeps the minivan a little bit roomier inside.

A full-time single-speed reduction gear frees the driver from gear changing with the same ease of use as an automaker gearbox. The minivan has 200 Nm of torque, offering fast takeoffs and uninterrupted acceleration. That would also provide more power to deal with the vehicle being loaded up for business use or for transporting family members.

The battery comes with an 8-year/100,000-km (about 62,000 mile) warranty and the electric drivetrain with a 5-year/50,000-km (31,068 mile) warranty, whichever comes first. Servicing is available for every two years or 40,000 km (about 24,855 miles) after the first year.

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The automaker also pitches the advantage of the absence of a gearbox and clutch, limiting the number of components to be monitored and replaced. The minivan’s dual energy recovery system for decelerating and braking means that brakes are used less often, which limits wear.

The all-electric minivan can transport up to five people, or can be adapted to handle large loads on its flat floor. The seats in row two, comprising a bench and a side seat or three independent seats, are removable. One or more seats can be removed to make room for large loads.

It comes with all the latest tech tools and connectivity features to support the Multispace functionality. A direct low tire pressure monitor, electronic stability control, hill-start assist, and reversing camera offer safety features. For entertainment and communications, it comes with a CD MP3 audio system with kit free hands Bluetooth, USB socket, and accessibility to mobile devices for hands-free calls and controlling the navigation system.