It’s the only plug-in hybrid minivan on the market, but Chrysler won’t plug the plug.

That is, the new Chrysler Pacifica is the only minivan with a plug-in hybrid system – or any hybrid system at all, for that matter. But Chrysler doesn’t want its advertising talking about that plug-in part. With the exception of one state: California.

That’s because Chrysler worries that plug-in is too close to electric for most of the U.S. and that plugging in brings fears and range anxiety.

Fiat Chrysler’s Head of Passenger Car Brands, Tim Kuniskis told Automotive News about the plan.

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“People that buy minivans are not high-tech, performance-oriented people that are interested in how the car works. They’re interested in what the car can do for them,” said Kuniskis.

“Five years from now plug-in will not be scary to anybody, but for now, it’s still outside of the comfort range of the typical customer shopping for a Pacifica,” said Kuniskis.

Hopefully dealers at least let people know after they’ve bought one, otherwise those buyers will be missing out on up to 33 miles of electric range.

FCA will be plugging the Pacifica’s plug in California.

“People here see it as a benefit and understand that that’s worth more,” said Kuniskis.

That state is home to some of the biggest EV incentives in the country. California buyers have shown that they are ready for electric cars, and appreciate the benefits that the vehicles offer. Plug-in is not a scary word in a state where electric car leases for less than $100 a month are common and Teslas are everywhere.

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