From the Island of Malta off the south coast of Italy, the Chreos electric super sedan concept was announced with a splash this month, and is making waves.

The vehicle is said to make a Tesla Model S look anemic by comparison, and promises to run 0-60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds, to 120 in under 6 seconds, and deliver a 621-mile range while weighing a couple hundred pounds shy of 5,000 pounds.

Its electric powertrain boasts four motors, one for each wheel, with 640 horsepower and with reported torque that would compete with a freight train in a pulling contest – 3,244 pound feet from zero rpm.

What’s more, the car recharges normally by plugging into an outlet, but also by way of its “Silex Hypercharge” technology, which crams in not mere kilowatts, but kilovolts, yielding recharge times of its presumably massive battery pack in less than 10 minutes.

It is positioned as a luxury cruiser with blingy boulevard styling, suicide doors, and special cooling vents that intelligently open and close as needed to cool the battery taking in massive current upon recharging, and closing once back on the road.

“Chreos is a spacious vehicle that will pamper with luxury its four passengers. Built entirely of carbon fibre, and integrating the most advanced materials and technologies, Chreos is a car that places itself with other models in the high-end market,” says a press release.

The company writes the car will “be able to cruise comfortably at an electronically limited 300km/h.”

That’s 186 mph comfortable all-electric cruising being touted for a car we’ve only seen glossy computer generated images of so far.

Do you believe it? Skepticism predictably abounds among writers, including Autoblog Green from which we which first came across the Youtube video that’s had over 30,000 views since posting Feb. 14.

But wait, there’s more.

“The above might seem a lot, but it is still the tip of the iceberg with regards to innovation of this car,” writes Chreos, a project from Silex Power. “Over the following weeks we will introduce gradually all the novelties, gadgetry and technologies that make Chreos stand out from everything there is now on the market or is being proposed at present. Come back regularly for updates, or follow us on your favourite social medium.”

The company is fishing for people to join its Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites, so go ahead and sign up, if you’re interested.

It’s pretty clear the company knows full well the effect it is making. It is deliberate. Calculated.

“After just 5 days from its release, Chreos has gained international attention for its looks and style, but understandably, it has been at the centre of debates regarding its performance figures,” wrote the company from its Tech page.

Go figure.

Citing trade secrets, the company says it is still premature to show its hand too much, but at the same time, it must know it has promised an over the top car, and said it will release more info in coming “weeks.”

Actually, its press release also promises an “expected” follow-up on Monday April, 29. The company will then show “the interiors and some of the technologies behind Chreos.”

It’s a bit ambiguous therefore whether the company means it will release more info in the next few “weeks” or not for a couple months or more.

It would be great if this car sees daylight. We shall see whether this happens now that it has grabbed the spotlight with superlatives packed on top of superlatives.

Press release via Autoblog Green