Chinas largest electric automaker, BYD (short for “Build Your Dreams”) has been tabbed to upgrade the University of California, Irvine’s Anteater Express bus fleet with 20 electric shuttles.

Unveiled at a ceremony last week, the fleet comprises of 20 BTD K9Ms, replacing 29 diesel buses, in a move that is expected to deliver more than 2 million rides a year. The buses seat up to 41 passengers with a 161-mile range per change, costing $1 less per mile to operate than its previous buses on a 12-year battery warranty.

The program will be operated by UCI students and funded using undergraduate fees of $40 per quarter, the subject of a 2013 referendum to improve sustainability on campus.

“We are excited to be the first college in the nation to have a fully-electric zero-tailpipe-emissions bus fleet,” said Lydia Natoolo, UCI student president. “With this project, we hope to position UCI as a model for other colleges to follow in achieving sustainability.”

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“It’s a privilege to witness UCI make history by becoming the first college in the nation to transform its shuttle service to all-electric with our very own K9M buses,” added Macy Neshati, senior vice president of BYD Heavy Industries. “We are honored to provide 20 electric buses that will help start the conversation for other college campuses to jump on board to a sustainable future.”

BYD’s venture with the University of California at Irvine is not the only one in the region. In early Feb. 2018, it announced two partnerships with the University of California at San Francisco and the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District to deploy 29 of its K7 electric buses. That model seats up to 42 passengers with a 140-plus mile range.