Come 2035, China will reign supreme in the electric-car market. According to a new study from Fuji Keizai, published by Nikkei Asian Review, the world’s largest auto market will buy up over half of all electric cars by 2035.

Specifically, Chinese consumers are expected to purchase 60 percent of electric cars. Globally, the electric-car market is expected to swell to 11.25 million cars in 2035, or almost 15 times greater than today. 6.42 million cars will be sold in China. Europe is expected to come second with 2.17 million electric cars, and North America third with 1.16 million electric cars.

China has moved to install strict regulations around “new-energy” vehicles and will mandate the number of zero-emissions cars for automakers. Countries in Europe have also begun laying out the foundation to ban the sale of new cars powered by internal-combustion engines in the decades to come. China’s regulations, in particular, have pushed global automakers to make massive investments in electric cars to remain competitive in the market.

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The study also looked at the sales of plug-in hybrids and traditional hybrid cars. By region, China is once again thought to be the biggest market for plug-in cars with 4.65 million sales. Europe will again place second at 3.81 million cars, and North America third at 2.47 million.

But, when it comes to standard hybrid cars, Japan will likely lead. The study claims Japanese drivers will purchase 1.31 million hybrid cars in 2035 and North America will follow closely behind with 1.03 million cars. Europe will fall to third at 580,000 cars, and China will place last with 510,000 cars.

The results likely factor in North America’s preference for pickup trucks and SUVs and more relaxed regulations surrounding fossil fuel-powered vehicles.