China may already offer consumer incentives up to $9,300 for domestically built electric cars, but pro-EV Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says this is not enough to move the e30 built Dongfeng Motor Co.

Instead, if Chin wants to sell more, it will need to make the deal better for consumers who aren’t buying, he said.

“The question we are all a little bit worried about is the fact that electric cars are not taking off in China, while in other markets they are taking off,” Ghosn said during a news conference today, the first press day of the Shanghai auto show. “The consumer’s not buying.”

The re-badged Nissan Leaf was launched last September and produced as a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Co. and parent company Venucia.

Ghosn would not divulge sales figures for the e30 but said this may be the one and only EV China gets under his watch until the situation improves.

“I don’t think we’re going to bring a second car and a third car. Today the challenge is sell this one,” he said speaking of the e30. “The main challenge today is really to encourage, put more incentives, in order for the consumer to buy in. Before adding more cars and bringing more technology, we just need to make sure we can sell the technology we already put into the ground.”

Ultimately Ghosn expressed optimism and said as government and manufacturers continue to press on, the EV sales will eventually pick up.

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