VIA Motors has announced a Drive Clean Chicago voucher program enabling qualified fleet customers to buy one of its series plug-in hybrid trucks for roughly half off.

Under the program, three vouchers are available for commercial vehicles used within the Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties.

A VIA light-duty pickup starts at just below $80,000 but it’s now eligible for a $41,200 voucher. VIA’s Extended Range Electric Passenger Van offers a voucher for $39,460. And, the VIA Motors Extended Range Electric Cargo Van is also eligible to be had for $42,892.

The vehicles are also eligible for a full $7,500 federal tax credit.

“Combining the Drive Clean Chicago voucher with the Federal Tax incentive allows Chicago fleets and business owners to purchase VIA Motors technology with nearly the same price as a standard model vehicle,” says VIA.

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VIA Motors GM-based trucks offer 40 miles EV range much like a gen-one Chevy Volt and unlimited range beyond that using a downsized engine that acts strictly as a generator.

VIA Motors – The Time is Now from VIA Motors on Vimeo.

“The Drive Clean Chicago program is designed to promote clean air and better business solutions for the area,” says VIA. “By offering multiple commercial voucher opportunities, VIA Motors and Drive Clean Chicago hope to quicken the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies for commercial trucks and vans.”

VIA already has a cost-benefit analysis calculator on its website justifying the purchase of one of these vehicles at full price but for certain Chicago area operators the deal just got better.

These trucks for now are fleet only. They utterly surpass any comparable offering from Detroit or Japan with regards to fuel efficiency while promising excellent torque, drivability and load hauling and towing capacity.

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