Officially, there is no sales race between the all-electric Nissan Leaf and “extended-range electric” Chevy Volt. Unofficially, the Volt’s 1,788 sales – down from a relatively healthy 2,698 in June – means the Nissan Leaf’s 1,864 puts it ahead by a nose last month.

Actually, the Leaf is ahead by 76 sales for July to be exact – not a whole lot, but the big picture is more telling.

Calendar year to date, the Chevy has sold 11,643 compared to the Leaf’s 11,703.

That means the Leaf is up by 60 units for the calendar year, and where it really is up is in the year-over-year comparison.

In July 2012 the Volt was in the same ballpark with 1,849 units sold. The Leaf was in the dumps with only 395 units sold for that whole month, and not too many people raving about the electric car’s prospects.

This year’s generally higher Leaf sales puts its July 2013 number looming above with a 371.0 percent increase over the miniscule 395 units sold July 2012. What’s more, the 11,703 Leafs sold this calendar year is up 230.3 percent over what was a pretty meager year for Nissan in 2012.

What can be said in fairness? Both companies are doing alright. Nissan is generally looking brighter. Both are on a progressive trend toward more, or so it would appear.

And, there is still more that needs to happen before either breaks out of their limits and sees significantly higher results.

Of the two, Nissan is climbing more rapidly, and if it keeps it up, it could break out sooner.

For their part, Nissan company reps have been mildly suggesting as much could happen.

Nissan has dropped official 2013 Leaf prices, introduced the S trim, is moderately more efficient with longer range, and the Leaf is now assembled in Tennessee thus poised to deliver more assuming demand increases in coming months.