The 2016 Chevy Volt edged out plug-in offerings by Tesla, BMW, as well as Toyota’s new hybrid Prius and fuel-cell Mirai as the New York Daily News’ “Green Machine of the Year.”

“Does the best eco-friendly vehicle wear a Chevrolet ‘bowtie’ badge on its grille?” poses the publication while implicitly observing Chevrolet is a bread-and-butter brand.

And, the short answer is yes to the rhetorical question of the first plug-in car to have gone through an entire product lifecycle and receive a full redesign.

“The 2016 Chevrolet Volt is all new, inside and out, and takes the plug-in hybrid segment to another level, thanks to its increased EV range, updated cabin, and more efficient gas-powered engine,” observes the Daily News of 53 miles EV range and 42 mpg in hybrid mode.

The Tesla Model S has been seriously upgraded since its 2012 inauguration in the market – now with all-wheel drive capability, bigger batteries, and more – but the Volt edged it out along with other cars listed.

Another was Toyota’s new 52-56 mpg hybrid Prius, as was Toyota’s California-market Mirai.

BMW’s i3, a pure battery electric car with range-extended option also was considered, but not named number one.

That said, shoppers will still want to check other choices out, advises the Daily News.

Recommended rivals to the Volt can be found over a wide spectrum of the eco-minded automotive market. Those looking for a luxury badge and power (or both) will want to consider the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S sedan. Toyota also makes a strong showing here, courtesy of the new Prius and the wildly futuristic, hydrogen-powered Mirai.

Although the award went to the 2016 model year Volt, Chevrolet has actually already superseded it with a 2017 model year. Aside from a few optional differences, it is the same basic vehicle.

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