At the year’s half-way mark, the Volt is maintaining a 1,240-unit lead over the Toyota Prius Prime in U.S. sales.

June saw 1,745 Volts delivered for a total 10,932 for the year. The Prime in the same month saw 1,619, and the car which had been rolling out this spring tallies at 9,692.

The Volt’s sales were down 9.9 percent from June last year, and 4 percent from May.

Its sales however place it above most plug-in electrified vehicles sold, and only the Tesla Model S, with an estimated 2,200 in June, and 11,100 for the year is ahead. The Model X was at 2,100 estimated in June, and 9,100 for the year.

The Volt is also outselling the Bolt EV, which is also still rolling out to all U.S. markets delivered 1,642 in June, and has 7,592 for the year.

Complete results can be seen at the Dashboard.