General Motors’ recall woes and side effects are not over. The latest chapter: the company has stopped sales of its Chevrolet Cruze sedan.

The company has ordered its North American dealers to stop selling any 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Cruze they have in inventory. The stop-delivery order reached dealers Tuesday.

The reason, as reported by Automotive News: they may have a defective driver’s-side air bag inflator.

The same source stated some 33,000 Chevy Cruze could be equipped with “suspect” airbag inflator modules made by Takata.

Yes, this is linked to the recall of about 10.5 million light vehicles worldwide, mostly made by Toyota and Honda, equipped with Takata components.

This is a big hit for GM as the Cruze is one of the company’s the top selling vehicles.

GM spokesman Jim Cain declared to Automotive News “most” of the Cruze inventory on dealer lots is unaffected and those cars should be free of sales restrictions by Thursday. Cain also declared it’s too early to say whether GM will issue a recall.

Currently, in the U.S., GM is offering $2,500 in incentives on most models of its Cruze.