Chevrolet’s Bolt EV has again raised its monthly sales total to a new level with 2,632 sales in September.

Among all plug-ins, the Bolt was third place, with Tesla’s Model S doing an estimated 4,500, the Model X, selling 3,400 ahead of it. In August it had sold 2,107 in the U.S. and led all plug-ins, including the Tesla models, and the month before that it did the same with 1,971 sales.

The car is on a bit of a streak.

It began its retail life last December and after national roll-out was completed this summer to all 50 U.S. states, and the Bolt has been outselling the Chevy Volt on an increasingly frequent basis.

Of its 2,632 sales, General Motors reports 2,505 were retail sales, meaning the car also being used for carsharing and autonomous driving development saw 127 sales go to parties other than just consumer deliveries.

This breakout by the automaker is a bit uncommon, and other brands such as Toyota fold in retail and fleet sales in one number.

As it is, even the 2,505 retail sales was enough to put a gap of 1,052 sales between the all-electric compact crossover, and all sales reported for its extended-range EV sibling, the Volt, which sold 1,453.

General Motors has never aggressively marketed the Volt, and there has been a rumor of its being sun-setted after this generation next decade, and it possibly morphing to a crossover.

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GM otherwise just announced 20 new pure battery electric cars will come with lessons learned from the Bolt EV by 2023 – a comparatively reckless release of “future product” plans from the automaker which has played its cards closer to its chest than others.

The Bolt EV is the tip of GM’s present modest-sized spear, and it appears its market appeal is sharpening with sales up were the Tesla Model S and X have been.

Tesla’s new $36,000-with-desitination (and up) Model 3 is still coming from the factory slowly with fewer than 300 made since its first ceremonial handing over of 30 units a couple months back,.

Tesla has said its output will be radically upwards before this year is out. It is behind schedule, but assuming progress even close Tesla’s ambitious plans, it should eclipse all plug-ins next year and make 2,500 sales a month seem small.

For now, the Bolt is doing well, in fact it’s basically at the top of the roster.