Last month for the first time Chevrolet’s Bolt EV outsold the Volt.

The compact crossover’s 1,971 sales outdistanced it from a relatively low month for the Volt, which delivered only 1,518 units, a nearly 37 percent decline from 2,406 sales a year prior and not far ahead of the on-its-way-out Nissan Leaf’s 1,283.

This year the Bolt has been rolling out, and word has been spreading of its existence, and advantages – including high 238 miles range for a starting price of $37,495 before incentives, and its quick, fun driving manners coupled with good space utilization.

As a side note, the Bolt outsold another “niche” product in Chevrolet’s stable, the Corvette, which delivered 1,930 units. It also was not terribly far behind the Sonic, down 47.3 percent at 2,552, or even the Impala, down 39.9 percent with 3,032.

But these numbers are a drop in the bucket next to GM’s bread and butter trucks, such as the Silverado C/K Pickup lines, down 15.1 percent with 45,966 sales, or the Colorado pickup, up 21.9 percent at 11,206.

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So, it is what it is; a sub race, and actually whether it’s a race is up to interpretation.

If one sees it as such, year to date, the Volt is still ahead with 12,450 sales through July, the Bolt is at 9,563 – and the Leaf is holding tough with 8,531 with a couple months to go before its next-generation replacement is shown in Japan.