The Chevrolet Silverado is the quintessential American workhorse. It is the truck that embodies the spirit of the mid-western farmer. And so it makes perfect sense that it has been given the option of being equipped to run on 85 percent blend of ethanol, a renewable currently fuel that is made primarily from U.S.-grown corn.

This truck’s claim to fame is its towing capacity. With pulling power up to 10,500 pounds, the Silverado is ideal for heavy duty trailering and hauling. E85 fuel lends itself to this kind of performance due to its higher octane properties, which provide increased torque and horsepower. At the same time, it burns cleaner and reduces greenhouse gases, a characteristic unfamiliar to virtually all full-size pickup trucks.

The interior of the Silverado is comparable to most mid- to high-end SUVs. It is designed to provide space, comfort, and safety, making it an excellent family vehicle. Featurs such as head curtain airbags, tire pressure monitoring, electronic stability control, and Onstar are available.

The Silverado’s 5 year/100,000 mile warranty far surpasses the rest of the competition, which includes the Toyota Tundra, the Dodge Ram, and the Ford F-150 (which is also available as a flex-fuel vehicle).