Chevrolet’s Volt has overcome a lagging sales trend the past few months with 2,698 units delivered for the month of June.

This represents a healthy uptick from 1,607 sold in May, and 1,306 sold in April.

It’s also a 53.3-percent jump from June 2012, and is likely due to significant discounts offered on top of incentives by General Motors to move its cars off the lot as 2014s wait in the wings.

With this increase, GM has also narrowly overtaken Nissan with 9,855 Volts sold this calendar year compared to 9,839 Leafs.

This month’s number also puts the Volt back up where it had been last year with a series of 2,000-plus units sold including a record 2,961 in October 2012 – the closest it has gotten to 3,000 – and 2,851 sold in September 2012.

We are anticipating news reasonably soon on 2014 model year Volts which are expected to see minor revisions.