At yesterday’s introduction of the production-ready Chevy Bolt, GM hedged the specific price but in launching its consumer webpage, the automaker says it will definitely sell for $37,500 including delivery, and before incentives.

This otherwise official info precedes any more formal announcement which may pin on a price of a few dollars less, but the disclosure confirms what had been strongly hinted until now.

Fine print from Bolt's consumer webpage.

Fine print from Bolt’s consumer webpage.

A $37,500 price furthermore was the goal all along. For that, Chevrolet is offering an electric car with range to be over 200 miles, although its EPA ratings are among other critical numbers yet to announced.

As it is, 200-plus could double the best Nissan has to offer with regards to range per doller. The 2016 Leaf has been boosted this year with 107 miles range, and asking price is $35,050-and-up for the refreshed five-year-old car.

Thus far, more positive commentary than not has come forth for GM’s first purpose-built nationally marketed EV, and it’s hoped to move the plug-in market into greater relevancy for numerous consumers who’ve held out for more.

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The Bolt is to be on sale by end of this year and with a full $7,500 federal credit will net for just under $30,000 although buyers will need to pay the whole selling price up front.

Just as relevant, in markets like California and others where state subsidies are available, even before dealer discounts the Bolt could net within the mid-high 20s scope people now pay for the world’s best-selling green car, the Toyota Prius.

Obviously a different kind of car, the Prius hybrid does burn gas. For 2016 the fourth-generation midsized Prius offers 52-56 mpg and unlike the compact crossover Bolt, can be filled at any gas pump for zero range anxiety.

But with federal data saying average daily driving needs are under 40 miles for 75 percent of all drivers, even those who double this will have a far-greater cushion with the Bolt’s 200-miles range.

More info is expected on the Bolt next week at the Detroit Auto Show.