Will the 2017 Chevy Bolt have just five mile less range than a Tesla Model S 70D?

That’s unknown, but according to a just-for-fun Nissan Leaf / Chevy Bolt mashup video, a journalist said he was told at CES last month in Las Vegas the Bolt is good for 235 miles range.

“The Bolt, according to Chevy, has a range of 235 miles,” said The Fast Lane Car’s Roman Mica (see 1:29-forward) following a Chevrolet test drive event in a parking lot.

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Who at Chevrolet let slip this data point is not clear. Until now, the automaker has hedged saying the Bolt would deliver north of 200 miles from its 60-kwh battery, but otherwise the precise EPA combined estimate has yet to be divulged – and it still hasn’t.

A veteran journalist, in the course of doing the whimsically themed mashup, Mica did not give more details on the 235 estimate.

Unknown is whether “235” was a mistake, or a reference an over-excited media rep or product specialist let fly for a city estimated number, or whether this is what the automaker expects for combined EPA.

Also, the cars at CES were pre-production units. As it is, 235 miles is one more than the EPA rates a 234-mile estimated 2016 Tesla Model S, five under the 70D AWD, and not far behind a 90-kwh Model X with 257 miles.

Of course those are larger, faster, more luxurious vehicles, but the range of Chevy’s Bolt which the automaker describes as a roomy for five is significant, if correct.