Chevrolet has notified Volt owners that it will replace the struts on the rear liftgate as part of a recent customer service recall.

Chevrolet issued the notice for 2011 to 2015 Volts and 2010-2015 Cadillac SRX after a number of customers complained that the rear hatch didn’t raise completely, especially in cold weather. Some also said the hatchback closed unexpectedly while they were loading items into the trunk. Other than a few minor bumps on the head noted by drivers on Facebook, Chevrolet hasn’t reported other major injuries.

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Many owners said they received a notification through OnStar about the customer service campaign. GM posts only safety recalls on its main website, but owners can use their VIN to check for both recalls and service bulletins at Dealers will be replacing the rear struts for no charge.

Also called a service campaign or customer service recall, this type of program is different from a standard recall (which is reserved for safety-related issues). It’s also a program that Chevrolet has used at least eight times before to fix problems on the Volt.