At least four Ohio Chevrolet dealers have the Spark EV listed as for sale, and an online sales representative at one in Stow, Ohio said GM will be shipping it possibly by the summer’s end.

Presently, the Spark EV is available only in California and Oregon, no Ohio dealers actually have the car, and no announcement from General Motors has been made of it due to be available in any other markets.

But unknown is whether this is due to change.

“Is there an ETA?” asked a reader, Jay Buchholz, who drives a 2012 Chevy Volt in the Cleveland area, and gave us the tip while linking to the ad on Ron Marhofer Chevrolet’s Web site.

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“Not that they have given us – we are hearing towards the end of the summer currently,” said the sales person whose job it is to field Web inquiries to the brick and mortar dealership. “Give us a call then and keep checking the site.”

Or, you can check back to one of several sites – assuming they keep the info up. Buchholz said his friend Tim McAleese got busy surfing around and found more Ohio dealers with Spark EVs for sale here, here and here.

Actual ETA?

In a follow-up call to Ron Marhofer Chevrolet, another sales person said that the Spark EV is available only on the West Coast, and no further ETA was volunteered.

Thus the conservative stance is to call this only a rumor, but it’s a rumor verified in writing, and with a West Coast car pictured for sale at dealerships in the middle of the U.S.

Screen shot from today.

Screen shot from today.

We have no indication of other potential states the Spark EV could be coming to, and it would appear possible that these independent franchises took it upon themselves to advertise the car prior to GM’s release or announcement.

The Spark EV is a neat little city/suburb car and fans in this space have said for some time GM needs to bring it to other markets. Previous responses by GM have been that it is abundantly aware of consumer sentiment, and is in the process of evaluating markets.

Assuming plans are in the mix for Ohio which is not the hottest non-west-coast potential EV market on the map, perhaps GM is already well ahead, and we’ll be hearing more in the not too distant future?

UPDATE (4:45 EDT):

Randy Fox, manager, Electric Vehicle Technology Communications, said today he was unaware of any plans to begin Spark EV sales in markets outside California and Oregon.

When shown the rather unequivocal statements by one of Chevrolet’s independent dealerships, he could not account for these, and said he’d pass along the info to the marketing department.

He reconfirmed GM continues to review new markets, but has no announcements at this time.