Chevrolet has released a state-by-state distribution schedule for the Chevy Bolt in 2017, with the all-electric compact crossover going nationwide during the third quarter.

Following the Bolt’s launch in California and Oregon, the next states to see the rollout was scheduled to begin in December-through-February in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia.

Nineteen states will be included in the first wave of deliveries sometime between June and August. Chevrolet did caution that its schedule is approximate and should be used as a guide.

The initial market is focusing on the west coast and northeast states. A few large car sales markets in other parts of the country – Colorado, Florida, Arizona, and Texas – are included on the list prior to the nationwide rollout.

Here’s the state-by-state distribution schedule released by Chevrolet:

Chevrolet Bolt 2017 distribution plan

Chevrolet has been devoted to breaking the automotive industry pattern of keeping an all-new electric car secluded to California and a few other select states. General Motors hasn’t planned on manufacturing and rolling it out on a grand scale like the Tesla Model 3; media reports suggested that between 23,000 and 50,000 Bolts may be sold per year.

HybridCar’s Dashboard reported that the Bolt’s first month saw 579 units sold in Oregon and California (only) during its launch in December, finishing in fifth place for battery electric vehicle segment. While that only made up about 10 percent of the sales of the nationally available No. 1 Tesla Model S in December, it was a more impressive initial sales month than most other plug-in electrified vehicles have witnessed.

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Enthusiasts had waited for GM to clarify the launch timing and distribution in California and Oregon. Darin Gesse, marketing product manager for Chevrolet, said that the majority of orders in the two launch states were for the upper Premier trim, and 90-percent had selected the $750 fast charging option.

California’s Silicon Valley was where the first Chevy Bolts were sold last month. That’s where competitor Tesla Motors has its headquarters. Tesla will be launching the Bolt’s main competitor, the Model 3, as early as the end of this year.

Chevrolet reported that 1,200 of its approximately 3,000 dealerships nationwide are certified for Bolt sales and service. There will be at least one Chevy dealer selling and serving Bolts in each of the 50 states.

Chevrolet and General Motors continue to promote the Bolt through media and marketing channels, showing off its 238-mile range and starting price that comes in under $30,000 after the federal tax credit is applied.

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