Forgive the generalization, but hybrid drivers tend to be free thinkers who resist the over-commercialized, celebrity-obsessed aspect of American society. But with so many celebrities jumping on the hybrid bandwagon, it’s hard to ignore their potential influence in getting more people to think about ditching their gas-guzzlers for a hybrid.

Bill Maher“We wallow in what happened on 9/11, instead of focusing on what we can do. And when someone presents an idea of what we can do, [people say] ‘Oh, I’m sorry, that’s too much of a sacrifice.’”
– Bill Maher

Here’s an unofficial, unverified, and incomplete list of actors, singers, and pundits who were early adopters of hybrids.

Alexandra Paul
Alicia Silverstone
Dr. Andrew Weil
Arianna Huffington
Bill Maher
Billy Crystal
Billy Joel
Brad Pitt
Cameron Diaz
David Duchovny
David Hyde Pierce
Donna Mills
Donny Osmond
Ed Begley
Ellen DeGeneres
Ewan McGregor
Hart Bochner
Harrison Ford
Jack Black
Jack Nicholson
Larry David
Kevin Bacon
Kirk Douglas
Kurt Russell
Leonardo DiCaprio
Dr. Oliver Sacks
Patricia Arquette
Prince Charles
Rob Reiner
Robin Williams
Salma Hayek
Susan Sarandon
Tim Robbins
Ted Danson
Tom Hanks
Woody Harrelson
Will Ferrell

Cameron Diaz“It gets 52 miles per gallon. In the city. Isn’t that exciting?”
– Cameron Diaz

Will Ferrell“I absolutely love our Prius. In addition to being obviously economical and environmentally friendly, they drive great and are just plain sexy. There’s no reason all Americans shouldn’t be driving hybrid cars.”
– Will Ferrell