Tesla chief Elon Musk had a chance to share his views on the Model S and his company yesterday on “CBS This Morning.”

The occasion was after the two 85-kwh Model S sedans called Thunder and Lightning made a Supercharger-enabled journey in 76.5 hours from LA to New York.

The news outlet said these cars sell for $71,000 each but that is the price for a 60-kwh model, not an 85-kwh model costing thousands more.

In any case, Musk said the cars performed “very well,” mentioned a gas=powered support van broke down, but the electric cars made it through as much as a foot of snow.

And their trip was to demonstrate and set a major milestone for capabilities of electric cars with fat charging.

The Supercharger network is to be free forever, he said, mentioning also plans to add solar to them in time.

Asked about the fire incident,. Musk said all cars have “some propensity to catch on fire, but our car is eight times less likely than a gasoline car.”

Musk also spoke briefly about his pending family trip for which National Lampoon’s “Vacation” was required viewing.