Catalytic converters are a major component of the emissions system of our cars … at least those that burn fuel. Are you intrigued by how they work? We found a video made by Motor Age After Hours that sheds some interesting light on them.

Motor Age magazine, a publication specialized in information for automotive technicians, partnered with Eastern Catalytic to help understand how catalytic converters work, debunk a few myths about them and why they may fail prematurely.

The guest is Charles Pantano, Emissions Certification engineer with Eastern Catalytic. The video is lengthy – close to an hour – but is very informative. In it, Pantano shares a variety of tips on catalytic converter service and repair, talks about the top catalytic converter killers, how a converter is made, and what to look for in determining the ultimate cause of the converter’s failure.

For example, did you know you had to “break in” a new catalytic converter?

It is of course slanted towards Eastern Catalytic products, but most of the info applies to all converters. Feel free to jump strait to the 5:30 minutes mark, where the real presentation starts.