The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), an auto industry lobbyist advocating for scrapping Obama’s fuel economy mandates, is now pushing for increased sales of electrified vehicles.

In a letter to nine governors from states following California’s strict emissions standards, the alliance fired its first shot towards its goal of applying one set of regulations for all states to follow.

“Automakers have invested substantially in zero-emission vehicles, including plug-in electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles,” said the AAM in a statement. “They have a big stake in selling them in large numbers. The last thing we want to see is a zero emission vehicle sitting unsold on a dealer’s lot.”

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One of the reasons for the AAM’s push towards the sales of electrified vehicles in other states is due to a travel provision that is set to be eliminated this year, which allows automakers to fulfill EV sales quotas in other states by counting sold units in California as a sale in those states.

With the loophole’s sunset, automakers are now turning to incentives and awareness programs as a way to encourage physical vehicle sales in their own states. These initiatives have included the seven-state “Drive Change. Drive Electric” campaign and a Northeast program towards improving EV charging infrastructure. Other areas of interest include providing tax credits and incentives to consumers along with a pledge by each state to purchase more electrified vehicles to serve government fleets.