Car Charging Group, Inc. has been highlighted in Gene Marcial’s ”’Street Beat” blog on describes itself as the “home page for the world’s business leaders and the leading business news source in the world.”

The posting, titled “Electric Car Charging Stations Will Be the Next Important Issue for Electric-Powered Vehicles” can be viewed by clicking here.

Gene Marcial, the 28-year author of Business Week’s “Inside Wall Street” column, describes CarCharging as an “emerging player in car-charging stations” and “a pioneer in nationwide public electric-vehicle charging services.”

He also discusses CarCharging’s EV charging services now available in four locations in Miami Beach, Florida as well as the company’s strategic partnerships with over forty retail, municipal and multi-dwelling unit residential business partners, which all in all represent over 6.5 million parking spaces.

Quoted in the post is Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging, who comments on the future of the EV industry, and states that the “future of battery technology will drive down the cost of electric cars as well as increase the distance such cars can travel without a charge.”

Farkas also says that the company’s services use electric-vehicle charging stations manufactured by ChargePoint, known as Level II, that provide 240 volts with 32 amps of power to quickly refuel an electric vehicle’s battery. EV drivers can request a CarCharging account online, says Farkas, and attach a small RFID card to their keychain to use and pay at any CarCharging stations.

As Gene Marcial said in his article, “in truth, the more electric-powered vehicles get on the road, the higher the demand will be for car-charging stations.”