The California Air Resources Board has approved $27 million in funds toward its Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). Since inception in 2008, the AQIP has resulted in more than 7,500 green cars, trucks and buses hitting California roads.

Out of the $27 million allocated for the next phase of the program, most of the funds will be used to develop further purchase incentives for zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles sold in the Golden State. Also, $10 million of the fund will be allocated toward zero-emissions trucks and buses with $2 million being set aside for advanced technology demonstration purposes.

Besides the $27 million allocated by CARB; the California Energy Commission announced that it will contribute an additional $5 million to the program.

Regarding the new AQIP funding, CARB chairman Mary D. Nichols said that, “this unique incentive program makes ultra-clean cars affordable for more Californians, helps slash smog-forming pollutants and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.”

By pledging additional money to the AQIP, CARB is hoping that California should be able to reach its objective of 1 in 7 new vehicles on the road being ZEVs by 2025.

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