Car dealership personnel would really rather put consumers into a traditional vehicle with an internal-combustion engine, says a new study published in Nature Energy Journal this past week.

According to the research, which was conducted in Scandinavia, salespeople and other personnel actively worked to discourage consumers from purchasing an electric car. Researchers paid a visit to 82 dealerships across in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland and acted as customers genuinely interested in an electric car. The study did not name associated brands.

Per the study, two-thirds of the visits had dealership employees guide them away from an EV and into a gasoline- or diesel-powered car. In three-fourths of the visits, the dealership didn’t even bring up electric cars as an option.

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Perhaps most interesting is one quote pulled from the research. A dealership employee told one researcher, “Do not buy this electric car, it will ruin you financially.”

It’s also an enlightening study, especially knowing the research was carried out in the Nordic region where electric-car incentives remain plentiful. We’d imagine the findings translate well to other parts of the world, especially in North America.

The research concluded that dealers must be more informed on electric cars, their benefits, and how they operate. Since dealers are the main point of interaction for the vast majority of consumers, an employee can have incredible sway over a final purchase decision.