Canadian officials are looking into possible failures with Nissan Leaf brakes in severely cold weather.

Transport Canada, similar to the U.S-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is a government department tasked with overseeing on-road safety policies and regulations.

In February, Transport Canada announced that they are opening an investigation of Nissan Leaf “brake system malfunction in severe cold temperatures.” The investigation covers 2013-2015 models.

transport canada

While NHTSA hasn’t started an review of its own, several complaints over Leaf brakes have been submitted on its website by owners.

“Whenever outside temperatures are below +/- 38f, the regenerative brake system behaves very aggressively in the sense that the slightest use of the brakes results in a very jerky behavior of the car, braking very abruptly and hard,” stated one complaint filed last month for a 2014 Leaf.

“Usually, a second tap on the brake resolves the issue temporarily, but the symptom comes back soon after.”

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Another owner complaint for a 2015 Leaf said:

“The brakes did not respond as normal on a cold snowy day. The tires did not slide and it was not a hard braking situation. Multiple times throughout the day, the brakes were not engaging properly.

“The condition went away the next day; a warmer day.”

None of the other complaints on NHTSA for the Leaf brake system linked problems with cold temperatures.