“Toyota opted to tune the [Hybrid] Camry’s system more for economy than all-out performance…The Camry hybrid isn’t particularly sprightly off the line, but it does offer great passing power—better than the four, though not quite as athletic as the six—once the gasoline engine revs up with the motor in full assist. In low-speed stop-and-go driving, Hybrid drivers to gain the most, as the Camry can creep along with the electric motor for a considerable time.”

“Lush and lux. In the relentlessly improving way that Toyota has, the new Camry continues to advance the state of middle-market motoring. Its lubricious refinement, quiet and bronze-bell solidity are wonders to behold. And yet, as compared to the still-excellent outgoing Camry, the new car only fells like a better class of opium. Which makes the fuel economy all the more remarkable. Compared to the fuel economy of the 2.4-liter automatic-equipped LE model (24 mpg city, 33 highway) the Hybrid offers 30% better fuel economy than the four-cylinder, even though it is heavier (by 352 pounds) and more powerful (by 34 horsepower). As such it’s the perfect delivery system for Toyota’s hybrid marketing strategy, which may be called the mainstreaming of hybrids.”
Los Angeles Times