Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is now offering a $500 “Clean Fuel Rebate” for its customers in Northern and Central California who own battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The credit comes via a provision in the state’s program called Low Carbon Fuel Standard that earns credits for PG&E itself, and the company then passes them on to customers for their use of electricity as a clean transportation fuel.

For eligibility, customers need only to have an active PG&E residential account.

In addition to owning or leasing an EV or plug-in hybrid, customers can also apply on behalf of a vehicle owner in their household or a tenant in a multi-unit dwelling with the vehicle owner’s permission.

Each vehicle is identified by the vehicle identification number (VIN). The current registration fees must be paid and the vehicle must be registered in California to the same address as the PG&E account.

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“Administering this rebate is part of our ongoing commitment to electric vehicles by supporting our more than 100,000 customers who are adopting clean fuels to significantly reduce their environmental impact and support the state’s clean energy future,” said Aaron Johnson, PG&E vice president of customer energy solutions in a statement.

The utility, along with Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric have received approval from the state to begin installation of some 12,600 charging stations, focusing on places that have traditionally been limited including workplaces, multi-unit dwellings and disadvantaged communities.

Applications for PG&E’s Clean Fuel Rebate can be submitted on a web page set up for the program.