We’re now at CalCars 3.0. Here’s our "version history:"

  • 1.0 was "What’s a plug-in hybrid?" (2002-04)
  • 2.0 was "How can I get one?" (2005-06)
  • 3.0 is "Let’s get PHEVs from car-makers!" (2007-??)

We’ve come an incredibly long way in 2006. Plug-in hybrids are now a solution endorsed by leaders in business, government at every level, environmentalists, citizens groups, policy analysts, academics — and car-makers. Some days the news has been so amazing it seems unreal. Also see our year-end review about all that’s happened.

Meanwhile, we’re advancing a range of projects to achieve our paramount goal: getting car-makers to mass-produce plug-in hybrids. We list the most ambitious items first:

  • Emphasize PHEVs’ value as "carbon killers" — get emerging grass-roots/community/ business coalitions to adopt them as a leading climate crisis solution we can begin to build with no new technology. Continue promoting PHEVs’ energy security and economic benefits, reducing dependence on oil with no new infrastructure.
  • Refine and implement our "No-Worry" fleet plan to eliminate batteries as an impediment for car-makers, speeding creation of a demonstration fleet of thousands of "good-enough" PHEVs from carmakers and integrators — and building a pathway to mass production.
  • Find ways to accelerate the frustratingly slow pace of conversion deliveries; this may involve spinning off a for-profit company, while continuing CalCars.org — it’s taking a while to put the many pieces in place.
  • Work to enact the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act; advance other steps to significantly expand state and federal government programs (including the "No Worry" plan) incentivizing and supporting PHEVs.
  • Launch targeted efforts specifically directed at individual automakers, combining public advocacy campaigns and private cooperative business proposals.
  • Pursue technology projects to demonstrate new batteries, enable do-it-yourself conversions and convert hybrids other than Prius.
  • Working with Plug-In Partners, Plug In America, and others, evangelize for PHEVs; bring our converted cars to events that engage, educate and activate new constituencies and support the growing number of distributed cars and advocates worldwide.
  • Respond to media, now including books as well as print and broadcast stories.

Felix is an entrepreneur with a life-long green streak. He enjoys communicating his enthusiasm about what is new, unique, and significant. He is the founder of CalCars.org, The California Cars Initiative, and has been promoting 100+ MPG plug-in hybrids full-time since 2001. He posts his own selection of significant developments for PHEVs at the CalCars News Archive. His first entry at Hybrid Cars, Car Owners Strap into the Drivers Seat, in August 2005, expressed his view that the industrial world is in the midst of a major change — hopefully, it is not too late!